Shaping the Future of Industrial Water

Shaping the Future of Industrial Water

“We’re in the business of solving water, and we’re proud to serve our customers by providing innovative technologies to help them solve their water challenges holistically, right across the water cycle, so they can optimize water, energy and cost savings -- advancing both their business and sustainability goals.”

Growing up in Edmonton, a City on the North Saskatchewan River in Alberta, Canada, I was never really exposed to water issues. We were lucky in the sense that we had good infrastructure, and good quality water was literally on tap.

I first became aware of water issues when I went to visit family in India, where my parents grew up. Anytime we were there, the only way we could drink water was if it were boiled first. We’d boil it, bottle it, and refrigerate it for later – just so we could access safe drinking water whenever needed. The experience stayed with me, long after I returned home.

After graduating college, I went to work in the oil industry and became more aware of the interrelationship between industry and the environment. Thinking back to my time in India, and the tiny village that had to boil water in order to drink it, made me consider how natural resources are taken for granted.

I decided then that I wanted to pursue a career that promoted sustainable operational and environmental outcomes. As a global water technology company dedicated to solving complex water challenges, Xylem really stood out. I knew if I came to Xylem, I would have the opportunity to make a real difference in the world.

As Business Development Manager for Xylem Industrial Solutions, I work with a broad range of customers across the Industrial sector, from food & beverage to pharmaceuticals, and everything in between.

Our team is responsible for helping customers develop a holistic water management approach that drives efficiency and infrastructure reliability, while also protecting public health and safety, and promoting sustainability.

This isn’t about a single technology. It’s about taking a comprehensive view of the processes of water management – everything from sourcing to dewatering to treatment and reuse, and everything in-between.

Every step can support increased productivity and lower costs. By looking at it with a bird's-eye view, you can identify the most powerful ways to manage water more efficiently, determine the right equipment for the job and develop customized solutions that deliver water, energy and cost savings.

Our portfolio of smart solutions includes intelligent wastewater treatment optimization systems designed to drive efficiency through decision intelligence. By utilizing the power of data, operators can make smarter operational decisions and transition to a more holistic model of system management.

For example, our range of smart submersible pumps automatically adapt to their environment and only operate when needed, directly impacting energy consumption for the customer and resulting in significant cost savings.

The pumps’ intelligent functionality also makes it easy to connect to Xylem’s advanced monitoring and control equipment using advanced telemetry systems. These systems collect and transmit real-time data, allowing operators to gain a deeper understanding of how water is pumped across the entire process.

This level of intelligence allows the pump to operate at its best efficiency point, which reduces energy and servicing costs. In addition, many of the sites we serve for our customers are remote. By providing them with greater visibility, we can help them minimize disruptions that can cause production downtime.

By taking a more holistic approach, and leveraging advanced technologies, we can help our customers see new possibilities and reimagine the way they manage water. It’s an incredible opportunity – to be able to help them solve water in bold new ways that are a strategic advantage and good for business, while also being good for the environment.

I came to Xylem because I wanted to work for a company that’s making a difference when it comes to the world’s water and environmental challenges. I feel really fortunate to work with colleagues and customers who share this passion – to have the opportunity to do my part to help solve water and create a more sustainable world.

by Jessy Parmar