Why Collect Water Quality Data When All You Need Is Flow (or Vice Versa!)

Discover the Power of Combining Water Monitoring Technology

Duration: 1:02:57


We see it quite a bit – water monitoring programs focus on either water quality OR flow, but not both. However, for scientists looking for a comprehensive perspective on environmental phenomena, collecting both types of data is crucial to understanding what environmental and man-made influences are impacting a body of water.

Just ask our friends at the Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams at Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana, where lake research scientists and their student team members are on a mission to protect the freshwater lakes of Kosciusko County. Both water quality and flow data are indispensable for those who have used the pristine waters for the generations of families living within neighboring communities. Among other things, their program of combined water quality and flow monitoring allows them to understand the economic and environmental impacts of:

  • Harmful algal blooms
  • Zebra mussel incursions
  • Starry stonewort
  • Recreational usage
  • Weather events
  • Watershed usage for agriculture

JOIN US as guest presenters from Grace College, Director Dr. Nate Bosch, and research program specialist, Adrienne Daeger, talk about the Lilly Center's successes (and challenges) during a one-hour webinar. Joining them are YSI’s Dr. Stephanie Smith and SonTek’s Dr. Xue Fan, who talk about how YSI and SonTek technology can be used together to provide powerful water monitoring insights.

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