RSQ: Visualize Discharge Data Like Never Before!

Post Processing Power for the RS5 ADCP

Duration: 18:48


RSQ is a modern and user-friendly software interface. One measurement file includes all the data and meta data you need for each measurement. Export data to formats for Excel, Matlab and Google Earth. Do more with less time utilizing improved site templates. Experiment, learn or teach in the office or conference room as though you were in the field with the “demo” mode to playback recorded files simulating live data collection. Flexibility is key with RS5! With RSQ, you can also:

  • Save data on a PC, external drive or network.
  • Customize file naming.
  • Run and apply Extrap directly.
  • Sub-section transects.
  • Process *.riv/*.rivr files from RSL.
  • Choose three-beam switching when there is vertical bank interference.

and so much more!

In this video, Dr. Xue Fan gives you a basic RSQ overview and shows you where to find additional features customers have requested over the years when using the RiverSurveyor suite of instrumentation.

RS5 Overview