RS5: Big Data From the World's Smallest ADCP!

Informational Webinar Event

Duration: 58:48

No hype is what the hype is about with SonTek's new RS5 ADCP - the handy grab-and-go solution for water monitoring professionals who are looking for quality, high-resolution discharge and flow data, with the convenience of a small, rugged and easy to deploy package.

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Xylem Analytics Flow Segment Manager, Isaac Jones, and Senior Application Engineer, Dr. Xue Fan, outline the instrument's technical capabilities and show you data comparisons with other market ADCPs collected during the beta testing process by hydrologic monitoring leaders such as the USGS, the UK Environment Agency, and other government agencies. Specifically, you will learn:

  • What is included with the one piece system
  • How the power of SmartPulse+, Broadband and Pulse Coherent technology work together for the most reliable bottom tracking and velocity profiling available
  • GNSS flexibility available through SonTek or independently Software upgrades and compatibility with external programs such as QREV (USGS)
  • Velocity indexing flexibility for other SonTek instrumentation

The RS5 system fits in the palm of your hand and includes everything you need to make a discharge measurement. Get the package that includes the HydroBoardII Micro and you’ll have everything you need for the fastest, high-quality measurement possible. It is the smallest and lightest complete ADCP solution for moving boat discharge measurement available. Simply fold the GNSS/antenna mast and pop the RS5 and board into the custom designed backpack for easy transportation and minimal re-assembly between sites.

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