Titration Systems SI Analytics TitroLine® 7500 KF Trace Coulometric Titrator

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The SI Analytics TitroLine® 7500 KF Trace Coulometric Titrator is a specialist for the determination of moisture / water at very low levels (down to 10 ug of water). For application flexibility, it is available with either a diaphragm or diaphragmless generator electrode. A live, online curve is displayed for ease of use. TitroLine 7500 KF Trace is also equipped with 3x USB ports and two RS232 ports for data management and connection to external devices, ie. evaporation oven, printer, pc, balance. With the ability to interface with TitriSoft 3.0, this titrator offers complete flexibility.

Product Features
  • Coulometric KF titration with automatic drift determination and correction
  • With standard methods for various applications such as water in%, water in ppm, water with KF oven, etc.
  • Statistical functions average value and relative standard deviation.
  • Configurable output: Short, standard with curve, GLP
  • Output of results in ppm,%, mg, μg, mg / l. Unit individually adjustable
  • Also suitable for the determination of bromine number
  • Formula editor for individual calculations
  • User management/password


The large display shows every working step ahead in a dialogue structure. The pre-parameterized methods are easily recalled and enhance the total work process. Also the versatility makes this coulometric titrator a trouble-free measuring place for nearly all areas, including the pharmaceutical, chemical and the petroleum industries.

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools


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