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Adaptive N™

The Adaptive N-hydraulics is yet another innovation that further improves the N-technology's self-cleaning characteristics for small pumps. Small wastewater pumps with Adaptive N-technology possess unmatched clog-free performance and high sustained efficiency.

This is achieved through the patented axial movement of the Adaptive N-impeller on the pump shaft. The Adaptive N-impeller moves axially away from the insert ring when an extra heavy load of solids is encountered, allowing the most bulky rags and toughest debris to pass through. After the debris is pumped out, the impeller automatically returns to its normal operating position.

The axial movement of the impeller reduces stress on the shaft, seals and bearings, thereby extending pump life. The reliable, clog-free performance that an Adaptive N-technology pump delivers brings peace of mind and minimal maintenance for you. All in all, the Adaptive N-hydraulics assures that you achieve reliable and economical pumping.