Reliability and global presence - for the marine industry, it is essential.

Marine environments are harsh. Whether on a merchant ship, naval vessel, or an offshore platform, space is at a premium, with scant room for spares for every process or piece of equipment. Shutting down is not an option, so the equipment selected must be rugged and proven reliable.

Safe water is essential. And safe water requires sterilization, for potable uses, processes and production, wastewater treatment, and ballast water discharge. Water disinfection must be energy efficient, compact, effective and most of all, reliable.

For mixing drilling mud, submersible agitation is the key. Keeping the fine particles in drilling mud suspended is a constant challenge for offshore drilling and supply vessel operations. Without proper mixing, sediment build-up is an inevitable and expensive problem.

Many fluids call for many pumps. Tank cleaning, pump outs, slurry pumping, dredging – the need for pumping is endless in marine environments. Ports, marinas, shipyards, vessels, platforms all require pumps, and Xylem’s submersible pumps are the most robust and reliable in the industry.

Data collection and analysis, more tools at your disposal. Whether you manage a research vessel, offshore operation, regulatory agency, ship, or port, you need data. Xylem has the instruments you need to collect and organize data such as water quality, tidal rates/windage, port entry/sea bed mapping, and shipboard monitoring for maneuvering.