DurOx® 325 Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Sensor for Field Application

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The WTW DurOx 325 dissolved oxygen electrodes are easy to use and maintain electrodes for taking dissolved oxygen measurements in the field. The DO electrodes are temperature compensated and waterproof to the IP 68 standard or up to 2 bar. The electrodes have a long working life of up to six months from one electrolyte refill.

Product Features
  • Membrane covered electrochemical/galvanic dissolved oxygen sensor
  • Ideal for Aquaculture
  • Long working life of up to six months
  • < 125s response time T99 (20C)
  • 3m cable length
  • Insensitive to strong fluctuating measure values
  • Temperature compensation

An easy to use calibration vessel is included with each dissolved oxygen electrode as well as a protective hood for field use. The DO electrodes can be easily cleaned with warm water for many applications.


The DurOx 325 dissolved oxygen electrode is ideal for monitoring oxygen levels on fish farms, in control measurements, and at wastewater treatment plants, specifically in the aeration basin. With the Oxi 3205 handheld field meters the electrodes are ideal for routine field measurements. The Oxi 3210 meter raises the performance level of the DO electrodes to a point where they are recommended for highly precise control and quality assurance measurements.

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