6952 Ocean Buoy Vertical Profiling System

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The 6952 Ocean Buoy Vertical Profiling System is designed for ocean coastal applications or high energy environments.

Product Features
  • Submersible, water-tight enclosure for control electronics
  • Optional depth sounder which automatically compensates for varying water levels from tides, reservoir levels, etc.
  • Uses top and bottom as reference points for software controlled positioning
  • Profiles up and down and parks at any depth
  • Redundant error recovery logic detects unexpected activity and recovers automatically

The 6952 Buoy Vertical Profiling System offers user-programmable sample intervals, redundant error recovery logic that detects unexpected activity and recovers automatically, and is compatible with all YSI EXO sondes equipped with depth. The profiler systems provide reliable, fully-automated data collection. The profiling systems also come with rugged, non-corrosive mechanical winch and drive mechanism, Profile Wizard software for easy set-up and deployment, Profile data analysis and export software, user selectable sample intervals, optional meteorological package, and several wireless data transmission options.  

If you're interested in additional profiling systems we also offer fixed profilers and pontoon profilers

Applications Include:

  • Drinking Water Reservoirs: water quality, homeland security
  • Research: upwelling events, open water
  • General Monitoring: lakes, rivers, estuaries, bays

This product is a complete solution from our Integrated Systems & Services group. Let our application engineers help you with the heavy lifting on your next project. Contact Xylem's Integrated Systems & Services team to discuss your specific monitoring application. We offer a variety of buoy platforms which can be tailored to fit your needs.

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools



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