Xylem has launched a newly enhanced compact pump range featuring its patented Adaptive N™ technology, designed to eliminate clogging. The company has also launched the Flygt 3069, a new cutting-edge wastewater pump that ensures continuous clog-free pumping in the toughest conditions.

“Xylem’s state-of-the-art Adaptive N technology has been developed and designed with years of experience in how to move challenging wastewater,” says Ola Wagner, Product Manager for the Flygt Small Range Pumps. “Now, through the launch of this enhanced compact pump range our customers can benefit from clog-free reliable pumping in various wastewater applications.”

Lowering energy consumption up to 25%

In addition to maximum reliability due to its self-cleaning capability, Flygt’s Adaptive N technology also lowers energy consumption up to 25 percent compared with conventional pumps. The innovative hydraulic design of the new pump range is offered with three different materials: hard-iron, grey iron and stainless steel.

The new Flygt 3069 is a unique pump in its class, providing Xylem’s renowned clog-free technology in a small pump option with a capacity below 10 kilowatts (kW). It is also available with vortex and grinder hydraulic options. The 3069 pump is flexible and can be configured to be installed in four different ways to suit the application needs. This modular, adaptable design also reduces warehouse costs.

Clog-free technology used in 500,000 installations

Flygt’s innovative self-cleaning N technology was first launched on the market in 1997 and is tried and tested in the field with over 500,000 installations globally. The patented Adaptive N technology, based on the original, well-proven N technology design, was first launched in 2009.

Xylem’s Flygt branded products deliver outstanding, cost-effective performance that has been proven in applications including wastewater, stormwater, sludge, industrial effluent, raw water and cooling water.

How Adaptive N technology works

When solid objects such as stringy fibrous material and modern waste enter the inlet of a conventional pump, they tend to get caught on the leading edges of the impeller vanes. This build-up reduces the impeller’s efficiency, resulting in more unplanned callouts and increased energy consumption. Adaptive N technology overcomes this in two stages:

Stage 1: Most solid objects entering the pump will pass through the impeller between the impeller vanes. If an object gets caught on the leading edge of one of the vanes, it will slide along the backswept shape towards the perimeter of the inlet.

Stage 2: The solid object will slide along the tip of the impeller vane inside the relief groove. The guide pin in the insert ring will push all types of solids away from the center of the impeller, along the leading edge and out through the relief groove. If the debris is bulky the Adaptive N impeller moves axially upward when required allowing it to pass through smoothly.

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