• Professional Data Loggers

    For Operation and Process Qualification,
    Routine Control/Mapping, Room Monitoring
    and Process Control

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  • EBI 25 Wireless Data Loggers

    Wireless monitoring of temperature,
    humidity and others - assuring perishable
    goods are stored at the right conditions.

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  • TMX Refrigerator Thermometer

    Min/Max temperature monitoring
    for vaccines, chemicals, greenhouses,
    blood banks, food and beverage

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Thermal Mapping Service


Our Analytics-LAB Business Unit provides a norm-based, guideline-referenced and GxP-compliant implementation of thermal mapping for Pharmaceutical or Healthcare warehouses and other storage facilities.

Thermal Mapping 

Thermal Process Validation


Xylem Singapore’s Validation Team is recognized by the U.S. FDA and British Retail Consortium (BRC) as a TPA (Thermal Process Authority). We have the expertise and experience as Process Authenticator, to file and successfully obtain FDA certification for our client. 

Thermal Process Validation


Datalogger Calibration and Repair Service


Xylem provides expert calibration and repair services for Medical, Food and Environmental applications. We have a purpose built and certified calibration bath to ensure accurate measurement through the range.

Calibration and Repair 

Ebro Thermometers


Ebro offers a wide range of thermometers that are durable, precise, and easy to use for every application. 

Ebro Thermometers