Coal Ash

Xylem delivers more value with next-generation coal ash water management.

Next-generation water management in coal ash starts with a holistic view of how your operation can run more reliably, safely, and productively. Whether you’re controlling seep or dewatering a pond in order to excavate, we think about every step as part of a process versus a standalone function to help our coal ash customers design, deploy, and maintain advanced integrated solutions capable of controlling both cost and risk – and deliver the best possible outcome for coal ash water management.

We understand the role water plays in coal ash remediation. And managing it often comes with challenges.

Given the increasingly strict regulations for coal ash storage and disposal, power plant operators are under more pressure than ever to find compliant, cost-effective ways to remediate coal ash ponds. Companies that take a strategic view of coal ash remediation and water management will be able to minimize the impact these significant challenges can have on both public reputation and the bottom line. This is where Xylem stands apart. With our integrated approach to coal ash ponds, we can help you reduce both your risk and your expenses.

Industrial-strength thinking makes a difference.

Managing the water in a coal ash pond requires more than just pumps. Which is why the country’s biggest power utilities choose to partner with Xylem. With over a century of in-house engineering expertise and the world’s leading family of water technology brands, we design, deploy, and maintain advanced integrated solutions that help our coal ash customers control both cost and risk. For us, coal ash remediation goes beyond offering a few key pieces of equipment and leaving you to figure out how to integrate them into your operation. At Xylem, we are committed to providing everything you need to make your job easier and your coal ash projects more efficient:

  • Coal Ash Remediation Experts
  • Smart Controls
  • Broad Portfolio
  • Built In-House
  • Financial Flexibility

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