Flygt 4320 Geared Adaptive Mixers

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Product Features
  • High-efficiency permanent magnet IE4 equivalent motor
  • Integrated power electronics based on the Flygt Dirigo technology that eliminate the need for external Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
  • Large diameter propeller (up to 2,5 m ) with backswept self-cleaning design
  • Geared and adjustable output ( thrust ) with speed up 70 rpm
  • Scalable mixer control system with flexibility to match different process scenarios
  • Tank-side or remote control by using FPG 415 gateway with analog I/O and fieldbuses ( ADF-system )
  • Automated control for oxidation ditch processes by using pre-engineered controller APP 412 with analog I/O and fieldbuses ( ADC-system )
  • Full status and alarms information for flexible or automated control ( ADF and ADC-system) by using jog wheel operator panel FOP 315 or touch screen operator panel FOP 402
  • Multiple mixer control with APP 412 ( ADC system )
  • Easy to upgrade to flexible- or automated mixer control (ADF or ADC system). The mixer is always the same independent of control system.
  • Consistenly correct propeller rotation
  • Soft start and stop
  • Automatic overload protection
  • Power factor close to 1

With its ability to continuously adjust the output to the real and actual demand, Xylem’s Flygt 4320 submersible geared adaptive mixers revolutionizes the wastewater treatment industry by bringing full automation into the mixing process. Enhanced capabilities thanks to integrated power electronics, high efficiency IE4 equivalent motor and optimized hydraulics bring a number of unmatched customer benefits.


Whether you operate Flygt 4320 with full automation or manage it from the tank-side or your control room, it provides market leading mixing efficiency with significant energy savings. By continuously matching output to real process demand without compromising mixing efficiency, it generates up to 50 % in energy savings and lower the overall operational cost.


Customers will experience full and immediate flexibility with Flygt 4320. With manual tank side control or automated SCADA-integrated control, you can be sure that the mixer can adapt to handle unexpected and planned changes with maintained efficiency. During infrequent events like seasonal fluctuations, tank cleanings, plant upgrades or automated control in oxidation ditches, the user-friendly Flygt operator panel (FOP) puts you in complete control of your mixer’s output so you can react quickly and efficiently.

Different control systems are available to match different process scenarios:

  • AD - Standard control system
    • Pre-set control with fixed speed that incorporates many built-in valuables features providing high energy savings, key autonomous protection and scalability for easy upgrade to flexible control or automated control (ADF-or ADC system ) at a later stage.
  • ADF - Flexible control system
    • Gear up your Flygt 4320 for tank-side and remote operations by adding the FPG 415 gateway with analog I/O and fieldbuses.  The fully integrated monitoring functions provide ease of connectivity and connections to the operator panel assuring optimal mixer operation.
  • ADC - Automated control system
    • Set-point speed control set mixer speed as a function of whether an aeration system is on or off.
    • Flow meter control for variable speed aeration sets the mixer speed as a function of an aeration system’s airflow via an air flow meter.
    • Fully automated sensor less torque based control with propeller speed that is adjusted automatically. Patented solution.
    • A complete pre-engineered and optimized package by adding APP 412 controller for oxidation ditch process control and multiple mixer operations. Available with different functionalities:


  • The control electronics in 4320 are placed inside a dust-free, non-oxidixing environment reducing the risk for drive failure. In addition, these integrated components are submerged in a cooling media, thereby eliminating the need for a fan - the most fail-prone component of a traditional VFD. This integrated design also eliminates potential errors from sizing, set-up and wiring.
  • With 4320 you know exactly what is going on without having to touch the mixer – or even leave the control room. Integrated monitoring functions include power consumption, energy meter, running time, drive temperature, phase loss alarm and overload.
  • Flygt 4320 automatically senses when overload conditions are imminent and adjust output while providing notification to the operator. Motor protection is built-in and protect from mechanical damage due to overheating and over current.
  • From the reduced wear of the mixer itself-thanks to generating mixer output with lower speed-to its advanced motor, Active Seal technology and durable hydraulics, Flygt 43200 offers low maintenance costs.


Flygt 4320 have multiple duty points and can easily be deployed across different applications, reducing the need for inventory of back-up mixers and spares and also lowering capital investment for rebuild or mixer replacements.




Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools


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Scalable Mixer System

Whether you choose a standard or a fully automated Flygt 4320 adaptive mixer you can be assured of its unparalleled performance to meet your shifting process demands of wastewater treatment.

Flygt 4320 AD Standard Control


Standard version with preset control incorporates many built-in valuable features providing energy savings, key autonomous protection features, and scalability for ADF or ADC functionality at a later stage. It can easily replace any traditional geared mixer without any infrastructure modifications.

Flygt 4320 ADF Flexible Control

Scalable-Mixer-2.pngGear up your Flygt 4320 for tank-side and remote operations by adding the FPG 415 gateway with analog I/O and fieldbuses. Ease of connectivity and connections to the operator panel allow fully integrated monitoring functions, so you can be assured of optimal mixer operation wherever you may be.

FLYGT 4320 ADC Automated Control

Scalable-Mixer-3.pngA complete, pre-engineered and optimized package for easy and efficient  automation of mixer operation. Can be operated to control multiple mixers. Oxidation Ditch Process Controls:

  • Set-point speed: set mixer speed as a function of whether an aeration system is on or off.
  • Patented curve-based speed control, also called airflow control.


Gateways and Controllers


Controller – APP 412

The APP 412 controller has the features of the FPG 415 gateway plus automatic mixer speed control functions for common wastewater treatment processes.

Gateway – FPG 415

The FPG 415 gateway enables monitoring and control of mixer performance and status, including speed, power, alarms, running time and energy consumption, via operator panel or remote communications.

Flygt-JOG WHEEL OPERATOR PANEL – FOP 315.jpgJog Wheel Operator Panel – FOP 315

The FOP 315 jog wheel operator panel is a traditional push-button interface for operator’s inspection and mixer control.



Flygt-TOUCH SCREEN OPERATOR PANEL–FOP 402.pngTouch Screen Operator Panel – FOP 402

The FOP 402 touch screen operator panel is a full text and graphics interface for quick and easy operator’s management of Flygt adaptive mixers.