Sewage Grinder Pumps & Pressure Sewage Systems

Grinder pump systems for economical installations in challenging terrains

A pressure sewage system (PSS) is a smart, economical alternative for more remote housing areas. Pressure sewage systems use small pressurized (filled) discharge lines, and are laid in shallow, narrow trenches that follow the natural contour of the ground. The pumps grinding function reduces solids in size so that they can be easily transported in smaller discharge lines.

The system consists of a branched, small-diameter pipe system and is based on small pump stations located near homes from which wastewater is received. Wastewater from a PSS network system is discharged into the gravity sewer or into a larger receiving pump station for subsequent transportation to a wastewater treatment plant.

These systems can be applied in any scale, from a single home to a large development or an entire community. A small system may involve only a few households, while a large system can include hundreds or even thousands of pump stations. The same scalability applies to the Flygt monitoring and control systems, from simple-to-use alarm management to advanced Scada systems that complement our pressure sewage systems.

Xylem designs systems according to the projects specific requirements, you will get the best pumping solution for your pressure sewage system. Comprised of proven factory and field tested products, these packages are easy to install, operate and maintain – continuously delivering years of trouble-free operation.

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