UV gets greener

UV gets greener

Xylem keeps improving its technology with a Wedeco UV lamp that is better for the environment. The new Wedeco Ecoray ultraviolet (UV) amalgam lamp and electronic ballasts from Xylem are more efficient and use less energy than existing Wedeco UV lamps and ballasts.

Ecoray’s innovative gas and amalgam mixture, long-life coating and improved electronic ballasts provide increased UV-C output and better temperature stability for greater operational efficiency. Product field tests also indicate improved reliability and longer product life, which means fewer replacement and maintenance costs for customers. In addition, Ecoray is a “plug and play” upgrade, so no modification of existing systems is needed for installation.

Depending on the lamp, ballast type and system operation, Ecoray requires on average up to 20 percent less power than previous generation UV lamps operating under the same conditions, creating substantial operational cost savings. Expressed in carbon footprint terms, an Ecoray upgrade equals an atmospheric reduction of 220 kilograms of carbon dioxide per lamp over the lamp’s life cycle.

In addition, Ecoray’s amalgam mixture utilizes up to 86 percent less mercury than comparable UV lamps for a safer environment.

Although designed as a replacement product specifically for Wedeco TAK open channel wastewater disinfection systems, Ecoray is not an afterthought. Antje Schmidt, Product Manager for Wedeco UV products, Aftermarket Sales and Service, says, “Through improved technology and superior quality, we believe Ecoray will retain Wedeco aftermarket customers and attract new ones. It’s part of the TotalCare concept that includes not only commissioning, maintenance, regular and proactive inspection of Wedeco systems, but also genuine spare parts and audit services for sustainable system efficiency and cost savings for customers.”

Ecoray UV lamps and electronic ballasts will also be launched as original equipment in several Wedeco UV systems for drinking water and wastewater applications. 

by Michele Jimenez