Does your operation have:

  • Aging machinery? 
  • A failure-prone system? 
  • Inefficient or underperforming equipment because your operation has grown or evolved?

Smarter water management in mining starts with a holistic view of how your operation uses water from sourcing to dewatering to re-use to everything in between. Xylem’s extensive experience and expertise with water and industrial fluids gives us a unique ability to find places for improvement in your mine. Our inspection and auditing service experts identify any inefficiencies in the operation of your water management equipment and provide cost-benefit analyses based on our findings to help you establish priorities and take advantage of potential energy savings. 

Xylem audits also include an analysis of flow data, pressure gauge readings, site topography and elevations, pipe diameters and general piping – including sump design – to help determine whether friction loss is hindering efficiency or causing pump wear and solving sedimentation problems.

Xylem finds ways to integrate your water management to increase productivity, reduce costs and turn water management from an expense to a strategic advantage.

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