When to use a Slurry Pump

When to use a Slurry Pump


What we refer to as slurry is basically a liquid containing solid particles. When you want to pump this slurry, you'll have different requirements than when you are pumping just dirty water. A wastewater pump is not able to handle the slurry's solid particles. That is where slurry pumps come in. Slurry pumps are a heavy and robust version of centrifugal pumps, capable of handling tough and abrasive duties.

Slurry pumps can be used to move mixtures of liquid and solids in many industries with a broad spectrum of applications such as mine drainage, dredging of settling lagoons and pumping of drilling mud.

Slurry Pumps can be used:

  • -To pump a medium where abrasive particles are present
  • -To transport solids, hydraulically
  • -To pump the end product in a process
  • -To keep clean up sumps clean from solid


  • -Wear parts with high chrome content is essential when pumping abrasive slurries. But more is not always better - much over 25 percent and the impeller becomes brittle.
  • -Hydraulic efficiency is as important as the material since efficiency correlates to wear. A swept-back design of the impeller vanes minimizes the separation of solids from the carrying fluid for a more homogenous flow. This results in a slower rate of wear.
  • -By increasing the size of the volute, the speed at which the medium moves is reduced. This lower velocity translates into lower wear.


The submersible alternative offers a number of advantages over the dry installed and even the semi-submersible sump pumps. The submersible pump is more flexible and more efficient than the alternatives. 

Slurry weight or concentration determines the type, design, and capacity of slurry pump needed. If you have any questions about the best pump to use for your application, contact your local Xylem representative.  

by Kristoffer Kratz