Benefits of a Godwin Primeguard on Your New Diesel Pump

As mentioned in my previous post, almost all final Tier 4 pumps are electronic. For Godwin, this means all our pump models, with the exception of the CD75M and CD80M, will include a Godwin PrimeGuard in the price of a new pump. For the CD75M and CD80M, you can purchase a PrimeGuard if you choose.

Recently we released the PrimeGuard 2 panel. This panel has several new features that make it easier to customize for tough applications and easier to integrate with Field Smart Technology.


Introduced originally for Tier 2 electronic engines, the PrimeGuard is a control panel for the Godwin diesel driven equipment that helps adapt diesel engines for pumping operations. The idea behind using a PrimeGuard is to make the user's experience as painless as possible. Information from the engine speed, percent load, oil pressure, and temperature change (also level, pressure, or flow depending on additional mechanisms you have wired into the panel) can be view on the main screens of the PrimeGuard. Starting and stopping the pump, increasing and decreasing engine speed, and acknowledging alarms can be done by touching a button.


As diesel engines are becoming more complex with final Tier 4, simplicity in operation is important. The controller includes a hand off auto switch (HOA), so your pump can be run manually or automatically. To run automatically, you need to simply plug in your float set or transducer to the PrimeGuard box and set your parameters in the PrimeGuard.

Using a float set, the pump can be set up to run automatically based off of levels at a fixed speed. The simplest method of automated operation, changing the start and stop levels of the pump once the PrimeGuard is programmed is as easy as raising or lowering the mechanical floats to the desired levels.

If you need more precise control, operation off a transducer allows the diesel pump to vary speed based on level or pressure. The pump will slow down and speed up as required to meet system conditions. This is ideal for situations where water hammer is a concern.

Additional benefits include 8 programmable relays and a record of alarm history, maintenance intervals, and for diesel engines that have a DPF – soot percentage. The pump can also be set to automatically enter an "exercise" period at a set time interval.

Again, the idea of the PrimeGuard is to make the end user's life simpler. Working on a jobsite with half a million things going on and can't remember when you need to change the filters on the pump? The PrimeGuard can be set up to give a reminder that you have reached the 250hr service period. Need to bypass a sewer system 24hr/day but don't want to pay for the fuel for the pump to run continuously? Set the pump up for automatic operation on floats or a transducer and let the pump slow down or go to sleep during low flow conditions so you can save on fuel.


Godwin Field Smart Technology allows for remote operation and viewing of the information from the PrimeGuard on the FST website. This is extremely helpful for pumping applications where the pump is either located far away or hard to get to. You can choose to remotely start and stop your pump as needed or simply go online to monitor how your pump is operating.

All information you can see on the PrimeGuard screen can be viewed remotely on the website. Going back to applications where the pump may be located far away from the operators, this tool can be used to view error alarms, or schedule regular maintenance without having to send a mechanic out just to read the operating hours.


by Molly Russell