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Product Features
  • Clog detection and pump self-cleaning
  • IE4-equivalent motor efficiency 
  • Constant power
  • Soft start
  • Always correct impeller rotation
  • Built-in motor protection

Flygt Concertor is the world’s first fully integrated, intelligent wastewater pumping system.

Using advanced software functionality and state-of-the-art hardware, Concertor delivers clog-free pumping, energy efficiency, and adaptive pump performance to meet system demands.

Reliable, energy-efficient pumping

Flygt Concertor N is a trouble-free, energy-efficient pump for on/off operated pump stations, ideal for applications dealing with high volumes of solids and recurring clogging issues.

Our patented Adaptive N® technology allows large solids to pass through, while specialized software will sense a clog and adjust pump speed or direction as needed to dislodge it. This ensures clog-free performance and sustained high energy efficiency – and eliminates the need for costly emergency call-outs to restore operation.

An IE4-equivalent permanent magnet motor along with functions such as constant power, soft start, motor/grid protection, and correct impeller rotation further improve efficiency, increase pump system reliability, and lower operating costs.

Flexibility and easy integration into existing systems make Concertor N a smart choice for pump replacement.

Broad pump performance field

A broad pump performance field eliminates the need for an exact duty point and simplifies both pump selection and pump inventory. 

A scalable system

Whether you are just starting the transformation to intelligent water management or looking to implement the most intelligent pumping solution on the market, Flygt Concertor is ready to scale with you.

When water management needs change, Concertor N can be easily upgraded to leverage process control algorithms. Connect to your own process control algorithms via communication gateway with Concertor DP, or take advantage of a turnkey control solution with Concertor XPC.




Performance Curves

Performance Curves

Concertor N 6020
Flygt Concertor 6020 performance fields for discharge sizes 80, 100 and 150 mm
Flygt Concertor 6020 performance fields for discharge sizes 80, 100 and 150 mm
Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

Recommended Industries and Applications

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