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Smart Monitoring & Control for All Your Water Assets

Enter Avensor, a digital solution that provides alerts and data-driven insights from a device connected to your pump stations or other water infrastructure assets, that is reshaping the landscape of 360 Performance monitoring. With a plug-and-play installation approach, Avensor simplifies deployment, ushering in a new era of convenience for users. Its advanced filtration technology excels in safeguarding water integrity, ensuring that only accurate and relevant data is collected.

Product Features
  • Easy, remote access at any time on any device
  • Analytics to visualize the data and make informed decisions
  • Smart functions providing insights to help detect issues before failures
  • API and OPC UA connectors available for integration with your systems
  • Xylem Cybersecurity program that keeps your assets and data safe
  • 24/7 monitoring to ensure system availability
  • Remote and on-site support from Xylem and partners available

Get alerts and data-driven insights to act fast and make smart decisions

Without real-time data about how your pumps or other assets are performing, you can face a number of problems. If one of your pumps fails and you don’t know about it, you may have to deal with unplanned downtime or a spill. When a problem arises, you also don’t know what exactly needs to be fixed. This means a technician may first have to assess the problem, then come back with the correct parts and tools, leading to even more downtime.

Xylem solves this with Avensor, a digital solution for monitoring assets like pumps, mixers, UV units and other equipment. Avensor collects and analyzes data from your assets to give you live data, trends and alerts via the web and our mobile app. Think of Avensor as an easy-to-use SCADA system with plug-and-play installation. You get the right data when you need it, and you can make smarter decisions about how your resources are used.

How Avensor works

Avensor connects with a large number of devices and machines by plug and play, and it can also be configured to support other devices. The only equipment needed is a modem connected to the assets, a device for monitoring and a user account. Once logged in, the user can monitor assets and water facility remotely on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Alerts are sent to the right people through app notifications, text messages or emails.


Security is the foundation for all Xylem products. Our global team of security experts maintain visibility to current and emerging regulations while diligently defending against cyber threats. You can trust secure development processes aligned with IEC-62443 and Xylem’s partnership to help navigate any compliance needs.

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