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    Xylem is looking for bold and creative innovators who are passionate about leveraging innovation and technology to solve global water challenges.

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  • Xylem Ignite

    Creating a movement to engage, ignite and nurture the next generation of Water Innovators and Leaders.

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  • Grace Song, Product Management Intern

    "Learning about Xylem’s corporate culture, unique history, and commitment to solving water issues at all scales...has been a rewarding experience."

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  • Laura Walker, Hardware Engineer Intern

    “I’m incredibly grateful for this summer experience regardless of if the circumstances weren’t ideal due to working from home."

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  • Yellow Springs, Ohio, United States

    Audrey Springman, Marketing Intern

    “Having the support of my amazing mentors really helped me reach my full potential and have an unforgettable experience.”

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  • Morrisville, North Carolina, United States

    Chris Callejo, Mechanical Engineer Intern

    “As a mechanical engineering intern I was tasked with tackling problems that I was able to work on from start to finish.”

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  • Morton Grove, Illinois, United States

    Lori Kipp, Product Safety Engineer Intern

    “I honestly felt like I made major contributions in new product development, and my mentors were always encouraging and supportive.”

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We’re helping lead the digital transformation of water, making this precious resource more accessible and affordable for all, and helping communities become more resilient.

Join us.  Let’s Solve Water.

 “At Xylem, we’re focused on solving global water challenges and helping create the next generation of water and sustainability leaders. If you’re passionate about harnessing the power of new technologies to drive progress and creating social impact, then join us. The world has the opportunity of a lifetime to solve water, and Xylem is committed to leading the way.”

- Patrick Decker, Xylem CEO


Left: Xylem's Chief Executive Officer Patrick Decker poses with Xylem Interns.

Empower Your Career

Students and Graduates ELDP Team picture.jpgWe believe that an investment in early-career talent is an investment in the future of our company, and we are committed to empowering the next generation of water and sustainability leaders. That’s why we offer opportunities for students and recent graduates to engage in critical, real-world projects through:

  • Internships
  • Leadership Development Programs

At Xylem, you will be an active member of our team, working to drive our business forward and make a meaningful impact.

If you’re looking for a challenging role where your talent and skills can contribute to meaningful solutions for global water and energy issues, Xylem is the place for you!


Entry-Level Talent Recruitment Programs

Engineering Leadership Development Program (ELDP)

The Engineering Leadership Development Program (ELDP) is a two-year, entry-level development program designed to attract and develop new engineering college graduates, build a pipeline of early career leadership talent, and enhance the capabilities of critical skill sets. Program participants have three, eight-month long rotational assignments with specific and real responsibilities. They also receive business-related and personal training, have mentoring throughout the program, receive regular performance reviews, and give an end of program presentation.

Operations Leadership Development Program (OLDP)

The Operations Leadership Development Program (OLDP) is a three-year, entry-level development program designed to create a pipeline of early-in-career high potential employees interested in a progressive career in Operations. Participants will have three twelve-month-long rotational assignments in challenging operations roles with defined deliverables (KPIs) and stretch opportunities. They give end of assignment presentations to the executive team and have formal performance reviews every four months.

Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP)

The Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP) is a three-year, entry-level development program designed to attract and develop new finance college graduates, build a pipeline of early career finance leadership talent, and enhance the capabilities of critical skill sets.  Program participants have three, twelve-month long rotational assignments in areas potentially including FP&A, Finance & Integrated Supply Chain, Internal Audit, Corporate Accounting, Treasury, Corporate Strategy and Business Finance roles. They will also receive a mentor and formal coaching and development opportunities throughout the program.

Xylem Ignite Program

Xylem Ignite Program

Xylem Ignite is our global youth program to build a strong network of passionate student leaders and empower them to drive real changes in the water industry. We recognize the mounting environmental challenges impacting humankind and the need to prepare the next generation of young talents to solve water issues. Under our 3 key program pillars – Innovation, Education & Community Involvement – many activities ranging from hackathons to the incubator program are held to enroll, ignite, and nurture our NextGen Water Leaders. It is a critical moment in time for water, but also one with incredible new opportunities. If you’re passionate about solving water, we welcome you to join our activities! Visit here for more info.

Internships for University Students

Internships for University Students

We offer rewarding summer internships and hire new grads year-round for technical and non-technical roles.

Our internship program gives university students an opportunity to work with a global organization, on projects that truly affect the betterment of the company and society, while also giving them real world, hands-on experience. By focusing on in-depth projects, interns gain the ability to showcase their work, and advance the possibility of securing a job opportunity with Xylem after they graduate.


Left: Xylem's Chief Marketing Officer Joseph Vesey poses with Xylem Interns.

Interested in a Micro-Internship?

Interested in a Micro-Internship?

A Micro-Internship is a short-term project that can be completed within 5-40 hours, typically within a week to a month. We have various projects that will help you gain hands on experience to our business, culture and overall vision in solving water. Click here to learn more about our micro-internship opportunities.

Internship Program FAQs

Learn more about the internship program Xylem offers.

What are the basic eligibility requirements to apply for an internship with Xylem?

You must be a minimum rising junior in good academic standing with a minimum 3.0 GPA, enrolled in a related degree program and actively working toward your undergraduate or advanced degree.

Where are student and new grad opportunities located?

Locations may vary so please check each job description.

What time of the year do you hire interns and new grads?

We hire new graduates year-round. We typically begin our intern hiring in the late fall/early spring for an annual 10 to 12 week program from May to August. We visit campuses in the fall where we work to build relationships with students interested in energy technology, smart grid and water sustainability.

Which teams hire interns and new grads?

Opportunities range across, but are not limited to, the following departments:

Firmware Engineering
Software Engineering
Electrical Design Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Research & Development
Supply Chain
Finance & Accounting
Information Technology
Continuous Improvement
Customer Operations
Technical Support
Product Marketing

Do you have non-technical opportunities for students and new grads?

Yes. We have a variety of non-technical opportunities for students and new graduates.

What do interns work on?

Interns have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects to help advance the company’s overall goals. The recruitment process aims to match students with teams and projects that best fit their area of interest and experience. Assignments are based on the company’s current hiring needs, but most often include critical path projects and hands-on involvement. We expect our students to contribute, just like any other employee.  

For more information on the exciting projects that our interns and new graduates work on, we encourage you to follow Xylem Social Media Channels including LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

What degree programs do you hire from?

Preferred backgrounds for technical roles include, but are not limited to:

Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Data Science
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Preferred backgrounds for our non-technical roles include, but are not limited to: 

Supply Chain
Human Resources
Information Technology