Testimonies from former Xylem Interns

circles_0000s_0000_Audrey-Springman.pngAudrey Springman

Marketing Intern | Yellow Springs, OH

"During my time at Xylem as a marketing intern, I got to do things that I didn’t even know I was capable of and gained a newfound confidence in my skills. Having the support of my amazing mentors really helped me reach my full potential and have an unforgettable experience."


circles_0000s_0001_Chris-Callejo.pngChris Callejo

Mechanical Engineer Intern | Morrisville, NC

"My time at Sensus has been full of hard work, good laughs, and interesting challenges. As a mechanical engineering intern I was tasked with tackling problems that I was able to work on from start to finish. From concept development to manufacturing to product reviews and improvements. It’s rare that you get this kind of experience all in one summer! Along with a supportive team to bounce ideas off of and gain valuable knowledge from their years of experience. Sensus actually cares about the projects you work on, therefore they provide a truly unique internship that I would highly recommend to anyone trying to further their career goals with practical and useful experiences."


circles_0000s_0002_Lori-Kipp.pngLori Kipp

Product Safety Engineer Intern | Morton Grove, IL

Working at Xylem was a fantastic experience. The company environment is friendly and relaxed, and I am walking out of my internship with so many new, interesting people as a part of my network. I honestly felt like I made major contributions in new product development, and my mentors were always encouraging and supportive. Xylem’s internship program has granted me the opportunity to grow both professionally and relationally, and I genuinely appreciate all the time I’ve had here.


circles_0000s_0003_Jason-Frantzeskakis.pngJason Frantzeskakis

R&D Test Engineer Intern | Morton Grove, IL

“You get as much out of the internship as you put into it. If you challenge yourself, you will definitely be noticed for your efforts.”



circles_0000s_0004_Ruby-Isley.pngRuby Isley

IT Intern | Rye Brook, NY

“My summer at Xylem was unique and fulfilling. My team treated me as an equal by giving me projects that made a real difference in the company, and encouraged me to share my thoughts in meetings. Thank you to all the friendly and welcoming people here at Xylem, who went beyond teaching me technical skills, and imparted wisdom and advice that they had picked up along the years. This is a great company to learn and grow at, with such a distinct mission to align behind. I am so thankful for the opportunity to spend my summer here! ”


circles_0000s_0005_Katja-Mansdoerfer.pngKatja Mansdoerfer

Continuous Improvement Intern | Morrisville, NC

"As someone who was unsure the direction I want to go following my degree, this past summer experience developed me as a person and employee. As a person, I was able to interact with employees throughout the company and develop working relationships. As an employee, I had to put myself in a leadership role in order to accomplish tasks I was given and use communication skills to relay my message. The Morrisville team for Sensus introduced me to the culture of a large organization which was inviting and ultimately what you make it. I was able to create connections with my team, other interns and teams, and even asked to reach out for networking on LinkedIn. Throughout my short 12 weeks here, I was involved in important meetings, presented ideas/projects I first hand created to standardize work and helped a dynamic team, in which I worked with many of them, to find solutions. Altogether, my time here has led me closer to where I see myself once I graduate. I had a great summer and would recommend to anyone who wants to be a part of an engaging company culture, meet some lifelong intern friends, and be challenged in your field of study to consider Sensus in your future."  


circles_0000s_0006_Thomas-Block.pngThomas Block

Engineering Project Management Intern | Morton Grove, IL

“Xylem has provided me with not only critical experience in a fast-paced engineering management setting, but also valuable connections within a group of friendly, welcoming people. This is a place that truly values the work of its employees, and as a result, I was eager to walk into the office every morning (even without coffee). Any time I’ll need to think on my feet, lead a meeting, or stand tall during a presentation, I’ll think back to when I learned how to do it during my time at Xylem.”


circles_0000s_0007_Elizabeth-Horner.pngElizabeth Horner

Manufacturing Intern | Yellow Springs, OH

“My experience with YSI has been wonderful. The people and work environment are incredibly welcoming and helpful, especially for someone who hasn’t been in the full-time workforce before. Xylem is also supportive of giving interns unique experiences with volunteering, Q&A sessions with company leaders, and other out-of-the-box learning. I’ll treasure the time I spent, lessons learned, and friends I made here!”


circles_0000s_0008_Laurel-Stevenson.pngLaurel Stevenson

Product Management Intern | Morton Grove, IL

"Xylem has truly put a strong emphasis on their intern program. Working in Product Management, I was exposed to a variety of projects, all of which were unique and challenging, yet empowering and insightful. Alongside these projects, my internship has provided me with a strong network and truly furthered my professional development."


Laura Walker

Hardware Engineer Intern

“I’m incredibly grateful for this summer experience regardless of if the circumstances weren’t ideal due to working from home. I’ve been challenged in so many ways from learning about new technology and how to set up entire test benches over the phone with my mentor to learning how to code an entire application in a language I wasn’t fully familiar with. While those may sound like big problems, I enjoyed solving them immensely. I appreciated how helpful all of my team members are and their willingness to point me in the right direction. Thanks for a great summer!”


Grace Song

Product Management Intern

“As a Product Management Intern this summer, I had the pleasure of working with, not one, but two groups at Xylem—the Water Utilities Marketing Team as well as the Specialty Flow Control Team. Learning about Xylem’s corporate culture, unique history, and commitment to solving water issues at all scales these past few weeks has truly been a rewarding experience. However, the most special part of the program by far has been the chance to interact with individuals who are knowledgeable, sincere, and caring every single day. From giving me the opportunity to spearhead a variety of initiatives to allowing me to contribute as a real part of their team, my mentors made me feel welcomed and involved, even with the distance of a virtual internship.”