Make Rental Pumps Part of Your Disaster Planning

Torrential rain and flash flooding are nothing new in Texas. But in May 2015, a "tsunami of rain" – enough to cover the entire state in eight inches of water – overwhelmed people and businesses throughout the state. It caused flooding of historic proportions and offered proof that you have to be prepared for anything that might come down the road – or out of the skies.

When we heard the weather predictions, we began working to get rental pumps in position for the coming storm. Our customers that had contingency plans in place were able to quickly get pump rentals to keep flood waters from doing too much damage and to speed their post-storm dewatering efforts.

Their state of readiness helped reduce the impact of the record-setting floods and got them back in business quicker than companies that weren't as prepared. Our response to the Texas floods is a textbook example of why it's important to think ahead and how Xylem can be part of your contingency planning process.

Making pump rentals part of your contingency plan makes sense for all types of emergencies – not just those when Mother Nature turns nasty. Pumps go down for all sorts of reasons from mechanical failures to power outages. When "stuff happens," you want a quick fix. For example, to ensure uninterrupted flow of wastewater, many municipal and industrial lift stations are equipped with our Godwin Dri-Prime Backup Systems (DBS) as contingency plans. The DBS provides independently powered backup pumps for a variety of emergency situations.


Minutes matter in emergency situations. Whether your facility is taking on water, or your bottom line is taking a hit because the plant is shut down, we are available 24/7 to help get things back in order. We have more than 40 locations in the U.S. – and more than 7,000 pumps and related equipment in our U.S. rental fleet – so we're able to quickly and easily get you the equipment you need to get back up and running.

When it comes to disaster response readiness and business continuity planning, there's an understandable inclination to put it on the back burner. Everyone has more immediate issues and pressing deadlines to deal with – and worrying about something that might happen in the future can seem like a waste of time. However, flooding can and does happen everywhere in the United States. Just take a look at this state-by-state flood risk map from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to see the different kinds of devastation water can bring to your area of the country.

Contingency planning can help you survive a disaster and minimize your losses, and including dewatering pump rentals as part of your risk reduction plan is an easy addition that can make a huge difference when an emergency does occur. At Xylem, we have the people, rental pumps, and 24/7 service that provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is protected by a robust contingency plan. For additional information or to schedule a free Contingency Planning meeting, contact your local Xylem representative.

by Michael J. Delzingaro