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Product Features
  • State-of-the-art, touch sensing digital controller
  • Manual, automatic, or remote starting capabilities
  • Security levels allow limited to full access of controller functionality
  • Capable of auto-throttling engine rpm in response to changing pressure/level/flow transducer signals
  • “Event history” of all warning alarms (up to 32 metrics)
  • User can pre-set engine rpm to maintain flow and head parameters when running unattended
  • Tracks oil and filter usage, and alerts operator when replacement is recommended
  • Diesel engine warm-up/cool-down cycle available
  • Remote Monitoring

PrimeGuard 2 Diesel Engine Controller

Godwin’s diesel-driven Dri-Prime® pumps include the Godwin PrimeGuard 2 automatic level controller, standard on all electronic diesel engines.

The Godwin PrimeGuard 2 is a fully programmable microprocessor engine control system that allows for inputs from flow meters, level transducers, pressure transducers or standard floats. Using any of these systems, your Godwin Dri-Prime pump can start and stop automatically with no operator intervention required​.

PrimeGuard 2 is designed for use with electronic diesel engines, up to and including Final Tier 4, to communicate with the Engine Control Unit (ECU). PrimeGuard 2 can be configured to work with mechanical diesel engines as well. 

PrimeGuard 2 and Field Smart Technology (FST) for convenient access

​The PrimeGuard 2 Controller can now be fitted with Godwin Field Smart Technology (FST) to provide remote monitoring and control accesses to any internet connected device. 

This option is also available for electric-drive Dri-Prime pumps using Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) controllers.

Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

Xylem offers a range of solutions to help meet the demands and challenges of dewatering while delivering optimal performance, reliable operations and substantial energy savings no matter what industry or application. Working with customers, Xylem listens, learns, and adapts to local environments, ensuring the best possible design, customized to meet your specific needs. Below are some recommended applications for this product.

Recommended Industries and Applications

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Documentation & Tools