HYPACK New Products 2022

HYPACK New Products 2022

HYPACK is excited to announce the release of three new products for 2022, two of which replaced several existing software packages.


For more detailed information you can visit our new product landing page to learn more about our software, ask a sales person questions or download our brochure from individual product pages. CLICK HERE!


The HYPACK® ECHO is our basic and affordable single beam software package designed for bathymetric surveying applications. This product replaces the Ultralite package. Any customers on the maintenance plan that has an Ultralite license will be converted to the Echo January / 2022 3 license upon renewal. Echogram is supported and SBMAX64 is included, allowing customers to contour and sort within the HYPACK Single Beam Editor.


The HYPACK® GEOPHYSICS product is a new software package that encompasses the tools needed for a typical Geophysical survey. This product replaces the Marine Search, Acoustic and Sub-Bottom packages. Any customers on the maintenance plan that has one of these licenses will be converted to the GEOPHYSICS license.


The HYPACK® WATER QUALITY product is new for 2022, and has the ability to collect and process sensor data from various water quality sensors and ADCPs. The Water Quality Mapping software includes data collection and processing as well as HYPLOT and contouring. Access to HYPACK Water Quality Mapping package requires a separate license.

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Are you interested in learning more about our NEW Product, HYPACK® GEOPHYSICS? Check out our on demand webinar HERE! Follow Daniel Tobin and Ken Aiken as they guide you through this new software package designed for the acquisition and processing of sub-bottom profiling, side scan and magnetometer data.