The Undisputed Leader In Bilge Pumps.


Rule has been a leader for over 50 years, bringing excellence, expertise and innovation to the marine industry. Rule Submersible Bilge Pumps have set the standard for the industry for decades. They are the first choice of yachtsmen and fishermen throughout the world. More innovations in bilge pump design have come from Rule than any other manufacturer, and we are proud to offer the broadest range of bilge pumps in the world.

The powerful next-generation Rule® Bilge Pump, in fact, won the Innovation Award for mechanical systems at the International IBEX Show. Rule submersible bilge pumps are trusted to keep boats dry and safe in the most arduous conditions. Rule’s Standard Series Bilge Pump has the longest life and highest pumping power in the industry, making it a world leader.



Standard Bilge Pumps

Rule's Standard Series Bilge Pump has the longest life and highest pumping power in the industry, making it the world leader.

  • Leading bilge pump in the world
  • Simple design, no frills
  • Capacity ranges from from 360 to 4000 gallons per hour
Rule Mate Series

Thanks to advanced water-sensing technology, the Rule Mate Series bilge pumps move water automatically and efficiently.  

  • Robust pump and water-sensing switch in one
  • No cycling-turns only when water reaches 23/4"
  • Threaded discharge ports allow for easier installation
900 GPH Low Profile Bilge Pump

Designed to bring pumping power to tight spaces, Rule's LoPro Bilge Pump can move a mighty 900 gallons per hour.

  • Fits into hards to reach places
  • Fully automatic - three settings available-high, low, fully automatic
  • Threaded discharge ports with multiple fittings available.
  • Includes check valves
Electronic Automatic Pumps

The compact Electronic Automated Pump checks the water level every few minutes, making a floatg switch unnecesary.  

  • Compact automatic pump-no floagt switch required
  • Pump sense for water every 21/2 minutes
  • Ideal for tight spaces and trailer boat applications