The city of Retz (Austria) and surrounding villages secure their water supply of the city and some with high technical standard and low life cycle costs using Xylem e-MP pumps and Hydrovar control

Retz, Austria



Challenge: The city of Retz and some nearby villages are centrally supplied with water for drinking sanitary and fire fighting. The total length of the water network is 36km for supplying about 1800 houses. Raw water is supplied through wells and for high demand peaks and emergency cases by a local water company.

Solution: Main booster station into the network consists of 3 MPV-pumps for 35l/s at 7 bar each. Each pump is variable speed controlled via wall mounted HYDROVAR units to provide constant pressure and adjust speed to supply required water consumption. The station is also dimensioned to supply the network in case of fire-fighting.

A second booster station with 2 smaller MPV-pumps (3,5l/s @ 2,5 bar) is used for a different pressure zone in this hilly area – a 3rd MPV-pump (18l/s @ 5bar) for this zone is for fire fighting purposes in this region. The water boosting station is also centrally controlled via Scada system.

Benefit: With these new booster systems the water supply of the city and some smaller villages are guaranteed over the next years at high technical standard and low life cycle costs.