Jabsco Electric Toilet Conversion Kit

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Product Features
  • Directly replaces manual pump assembly
  • Easy to Install
  • Simple to operate
  • Fits all Jabsco and Par 29090 and 29120 standard and large bowl toilets.
  • Suitable for use in above or below waterline installations
  • Built-in macerator with stainless steel chopper plate
  • Meets ISO 8846 MARINE and USCG 183.410 for Ignition protection
  • Self priming up to 0.6m(2ft)
  • Waste pump discharges over an anti syphon loop up to 1.8m(6ft) and out of a through hull fitting down to 0.9m(3ft) below the surface
  • Typical power consumption is less than 1.0 amp hour(12 Volt) or 0.5 amp hour (24 Volt) per day

This simple-to-install kit replaces the pump on a Jabsco Manual Toilet with an electric pump, using the same hose. It comes ready to fit directly in place of the existing pump. Its spring return knob has two positions,
one for bowl emptying and the other for emptying and flushing.

Model No.: 29200 Series

29200-0120 Electric Conversion
Voltage 12 (VAC)
Amp Draw 24 (amp)
Fuse Size 25 (amp)
29200-0240 Electric Conversion
Voltage 24 (VAC)
Amp Draw 13 (amp)
Fuse Size 15 (amp)


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