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HydroSurveyorâ„¢ Hydrographic Surveying Software and ADCP

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SonTek HydroSurveyorTM - The practical solution to velocity, position and depth measurement with exclusive 5-beam depth sounding technology.  

Product Features
  • Full water column velocity mapping
  • Sound speed integration and interpolation (with SonTek CastAway-CTD)
  • Speed over ground (Acoustic Bottom Tracking)
  • 5-beam depth soundings (50° swath)
  • Water column velocity (currents) mapping

The SonTek HydroSurveyorTM is a system designed to collect bathymetric, water column velocity profile, and acoustic bottom tracking data as part of a hydrographic survey. The two key components of the system are the SonTek HydroSurveyor Acoustic Doppler Profiler (ADP®) platform, and the powerful, yet user-friendly, data collection software.

Now integrated with HYPACK®! [Learn more]

Video Series - Getting Started with HydroSurveyor and HYPACK
Chapter 1 - Starting a Project and Choosing Settings

Additional features:

  • Automatic data gridding and interpolation
  • 360° compass and two-axis tilt sensor
  • Interface for customer-supplied GPS and/or heading sensor


Skip the complicated set-up, expensive equipment and complex software packages. With the new SonTek HydroSurveyorTM, enjoy access to today’s most sophisticated bathymetric technology in a single package, and at a fraction of the cost.

Flexible and Fast. Water sound speed corrections are interpolated in both
space and time with the fully integrated SonTek CastAway-CTD, delivering agility and accuracy to your surveys.

All Inclusive. Full water column velocity mapping, exclusive 5-beam depth
sounding and acoustic bottom tracking (for speed over ground when GPS is lost) provide comprehensive data for a complete solution within a single package.

Software Centric. With built-in automatic data gridding and interpolation, even intricate surveys will not require specialized complex software, saving you time and money.

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Documentation & Tools