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Connecting to your BMS

Connecting to your BMS

VOLUME 8 / ISSUE 1 / JUNE 2021

A building management system (BMS) allows a building manager to monitor and control all the systems in their building or campus from a single interface and is most often applied in larger buildings with HVAC, mechanical, and electrical systems similar to the Domestic Condensate packages we provide. Our Domestic Condensate return units feature control panels that allow monitoring of your unit and system from your BMS to achieve your desired connection.

For example, sometimes the monitoring of pump status (on/off) is needed and in order to add this option you must include auxiliary contacts to the starters, which are available as a panel option and these contacts can later be connected to the BMS in the field. You can also an alarm with or without the silencing relay, and the alarm pilot light. Sometimes the need for a BMS connection is requested by our customers and the two options that Xylem can offer include the option to add an alarm allowing you to monitor your pump distantly with an optional additional terminal strip (ATS).

These two options work together with the high level float switch which triggers the alarm, alerting the user of the status of their unit’s water levels. To be able to see the alarm remotely, the end user must include the ATS option and you can contact your local Bell & Gossett (B&G) representative for pricing. The ATS panel option, which is an additional set of contacts, can be wired to the BMS to give you the ability to see your alarm remotely. Depending on your panel configuration, an electrician may add additional alarm terminals for distant annunciation per wiring diagram 1DW041; please contact your local B&G representative to get this wiring diagram. Wiring our units to your BMS system allows early detection of problems in your system, intelligent reporting, and effective monitoring.

The ATS is a very useful option and is yet another solution Xylem offers to help effectively manage your unit and system. Our Domestic Condensate return units are equipped with control panels that will aid in monitoring your unit and system for you, all while working with your building management system to make sure your system and unit are always being monitored.

You can work with your local B&G representative to have the ATS capability added to your system and you can find your local rep here.