Carbonated Beverage Dispensing

Engineered to Add Value to the Bottom Line

Backed by a global network of distributor partners and decades of proven industry expertise, our wide range of Flojet soda pumps and recirculation and chilling pumps for carbonated beverage dispensing enable more efficient operations and a consistent taste experience. Whether you’re launching a new product or looking for ways to optimize an existing system, we collaborate with engineering and R&D teams to drive innovation. From traditional carbonated sodas to popular new consumer trends like flavor shots and flavored sparkling waters, our dispensing solutions bring greater reliability and value to any application.

Carbonated Soft Drinks


The world’s most popular soft drink brands trust Flojet to provide a consistently delicious taste experience in every glass. We have deep technical expertise in combining carbonic gas, water and fountain syrup, and we work closely with our customers to solve challenges and create new opportunities.

Sparkling Water


Whether dispensed from a bar gun or a tower, consumer demand for sparkling water continues to grow. Our Flojet small-footprint systems can carbonate and flavor the water to exact specifications with lower costs than a traditional carbonator. Our tailored solutions provide maximum efficiency and reliability.

Frozen Beverages


From restaurants and C-stores to bars and clubs, the right equipment is essential in serving superior frozen beverages to customers. Thanks to their rugged engineering and long-lasting performance, Flojet frozen beverage dispensing solutions ensure the perfect consistency and a uniform taste.



Coffee drinkers expect an outstanding aroma and luxurious taste in every cup, and our wide range of Flojet pumps, infusers, strainers, and accessories enable precisely controlled, repeatable dispensing. For limited counter space, we have smaller footprint solutions, and our advanced nitrogen infusion solutions give cold brew coffees a rich, creamy head of foam and smooth taste.

Test & Measurement


Brix monitoring is crucial for the production and dispensing of carbonated beverages, and our analytical solutions ensure the same flavor and consumer experience at every location. From refractometers to hydrometers to turbidity monitors, Xylem’s test and measurement technology suite captures all the data needed to monitor beverages accurately and continuously.

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