Xylem wins award for energy-efficient biogas solution

Xylem wins award for energy-efficient biogas solution

Xylem was recently presented with a Silver Medal Innovation Award for developing a biogas solution using a Flygt submersible mixer. The Xylem team, led by Dr. Eilert Balssen, was presented with the award by the German agriculture organization Deutsche Landwirtschafts Gesellschaft (DLG) at the EnergyDecentral trade fair.

“At Xylem we strive to develop innovative, energy-efficient solutions to customers’ key challenges related to water and renewable energy,” said Dr. Annita Nerses, General Manager and Director of the Biological Treatment business segment. “We are delighted that the significant potential of our new product idea has been recognized with this award.” 

The Xylem team won the award for developing a product concept for a unique fermenter heat exchanger, which is based on the Flygt submersible mixer, a leading brand in mixing technologies for the biogas, renewable energy and wastewater treatment industries.

A concept that guarantees high heat transfer

Biogas digesters have a high heat demand requiring a constant temperature of 40 degrees Celsius in order for bacteria to produce biogas. Today’s heating systems in a digester involve heating pipes mounted close to, or inside, the wall of the digester. The flow of the medium during mixing is very low on the wall and therefore many pipes are necessary.

Xylem’s innovative product concept involves an integrated mounting of a compact heat exchanger with the high-efficiency Flygt mixer in the biogas digester, positioning the heat exchanger just in front of the mixer where the highest flow and heat transfer within the biogas digester is guaranteed. The high heating performance and fast-running mixer-based system is easy to install, easy to operate, and the most efficient alternative.

This unit, consisting of a fermenter heater and submersible mixer, can be installed without major structural outlay and can be retrofitted in existing tanks. The installation only requires a few hours and can be put in place while a digester is in operation, making maintenance or adapting the installation a simple procedure.

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by Simon