Difference Between Jabsco Lite Flush Marine Toilet Controllers

This video reviews the older versus newer controller for the Jabsco Lite Flush marine toilet.

Difference Between Jabsco Lite Flush Marine Toilet Controllers 2:56

Mike: Hi, welcome to jabscotech.com. I'm Mike Irving.

Jeff: And I'm Jeff Lander.

Mike: Recently we made some changes to Lite Flush toilet. We wanted to talk about them. What are those?

Jeff: Well, Mike the first change is when we launched the Lite Flush around 2010, we came out with four-button control panel. This has since changed to the current two-button control panel that we have now changed to shortly afterwards. Now the reason for that is because the feedback we received is that the four-button control panel was a little too complicated. It had flush, it had fill, it had quick flush and it had empty and people really just wanted the simplicity. The Lite Flush was designed to be a drop in electric replacement for the manual toilet using the same bolt holes, the same plumbing, the same pressurized water source that the manual toilet uses, which is a pretty simple toilet to use. The reason why we changed it to the two-button is to recapture that simplicity of a manual toilet. So, it has a fill and a flush button. Okay, two buttons, very easy to use, self-explanatory. Fill brings in .6 liters of water, so you have some standing water in the bowl to use. Then you hit flush brings an additional .6 liters of water in, does one flush cycle and you're done.

Mike: Nice. Now if they already have the four button and they want to go down to the to the simpler two button. Is that possible?

Jeff: It is possible, however you'd have to change a couple of components. You see the four button and the two button use a different control box which is internally housed in the Lite Flush. So what you'd have to do is if you had a current four-button control panel you'd have to purchase a new control box in addition to the new two-button control panel. Now you know again the reason why we changed this is again for simplicity. So all Lite Flush regardless if it's the foot switch or the two button control panel function exactly the same way.

Mike: It's almost like going back to the original – the easy use of the manual toilet.

Jeff: Exactly. You know, going the bathroom shouldn't be a complicated process. So again, fill, flush and you're done.

Mike: Now if they have the foot switch on the new toilets and eventually they want to upgrade into the panel control, how hard is that?

Jeff: Again, you know that's part of the reason why we did that, because the older style Lite Flush had a different control box versus the control panel and the foot switch. Same exact control box for the two for the current version. So if you had a foot switch, you'd unplug it and simply plug in, quick little plug and play, and it takes you about 30 seconds to do.

Mike: That's pretty easy. I'm Mike Irving.

Jeff: And I'm Jeff Lander.

Mike: Thank you very much for watching this episode of jabscotech.com. Check back with us. We'll have some more updates.