Pumps Built to Stand the Test of Time

Paint/Elk Township Sewage Plant

Shippenville, Pennsylvania USA

How often do we hear the term ‘built to last’?  Today, the term ‘built to last’ to some manufacturers simply means, lasting until the newest model comes to market. It goes without saying that many products nowadays are manufactured with planned obsolescence instead of being built for a lifetime of service.

Such is not the case with Goulds Water Technology, as evidenced by a recent testimonial from a customer who has been getting great service from a sewage pump for more than 20 years. Who could have imagined that when Paint/Elk Township Sewage Plant installed a Goulds Water Technology submersible effluent pump in the spring of 1991, they would be set for the next two decades?

The Paint/Elk Township Sewage Plant is located in the Appalachian Mountains of northwestern Pennsylvania, about an hour from Pittsburgh. In the spring of 1991, the plant needed to install a new sewage/effluent service system. Paint/Elk determined they needed an effective and reliable pump system that could run systematically 24/7, in order to service the approximate 380 homes and businesses in the area.

Paint/Elk selected Goulds Water Technology for the job. After reviewing the application, the product selected to meet the requirements was a WE1032H submersible effluent pump. The pump provided the features needed for handling of up to ¾” solids, and included a 1 HP & 3500 RPM, three phase 230 volt motor. It was designed to circulate chlorinated effluent at approximately 90 GPM at 30’ TDH.

Once installed, Paint/Elk was pleasantly surprised and very satisfied with the new Goulds Water Technology submersible pump. The submersible pump ran all day, every day, at 5-10 minute intervals, sometimes varying depending on the demand at the plant. Because of the remarkable dependability of the pump, it lasted for 20 years, which resulted in a remarkable life-cycle cost savings.

The submersible pump installed at the Paint/Elk Township sewage plant
lasted until January of 2012. Because of the impressive life-cycle savings from the first installation, Paint/Elk selected another Goulds Water Technology pump for the sewage/effluent system.

“When Paint/Elk came to us for a replacement, we couldn’t believe that the product had lasted this long”, said Jeremy Boocks, a sales representative at Aquaflow in Shippenville, Pennsylvania. “It was remarkable that the submersible pump had lasted two decades when the average life span for these type of pumps is estimated at 7 years with an on/off interval of 10 times per hour”.
Aquaflow, which is among the businesses who depend on the Paint/Elk sewage/effluent system, replaced the pump with a newer version of the same model of the Goulds Water Technology Submersible Effluent Pump. “We selected this pump once again because it was the most cost effective and was available locally,” said Boocks.

Richard Webb, Paint/Elk Township Sewage Plant manager and operator, added, “Aquaflow was able to successfully install the new Goulds Water Technology pump for what we hope will be another two decade. If the new pump lasts as long as the last one, I’ll be retired by the time it goes bad!”

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