Xylem helps Italian spa go with the flow


Hotel Mamma Margherita

Abano Terme, Italy

Mamma Margherita case study

For many people, a relaxing break in a secluded Italian spa is the ideal way to recharge. However, what many may not be aware of is the importance of a solid and reliable pumping system to keep activity above the surface running seamlessly.

Hotel Mamma Margherita, situated in Padua, north-east Italy, was once a nunnery and a centre of refuge for women. Nowadays, after receiving scientific ratification on the health properties of mud in the area, it is a spa offering a range of relaxation therapies, including its renowned mud treatment.

“The hotel’s central feature is its thermal relaxation pool, which is the location for many of the hotel’s 130 daily treatments.”

To ensure that the thermal pool remained adequately supplied, as well as supporting both the sanitary and potable water supplies, Xylem Water Solutions Italia was appointed to bolster the hotel’s pumping system.

For Xylem, the key aim was to overcome the effects of the presence of corrosive sulphuric acid found within the thermal water used to supply the hotel. Combined with the chlorine in the swimming pool, the preceding system had succumbed to the effects of these aggressive elements over time, leading to the requirement of a new system.

Lowara e-SV multistage pumps in Mamma MargheritaAs such, it was highly important that the replacement system found a way to combat this and improve the life of the new system, enabling the hotel to continue to offer a high-quality experience.
Following an assessment of the previous system, Xylem recommended high-efficiency Lowara pumps, including a Lowara SHE4 25-125/02 circulator pump in AISI 316  stainless steel, to ensure the 700 litre capacity thermal pool remained fully operational.

To  support the circulator pump, Xylem also fitted the system with Lowara GHV booster sets to improve the reliability of the water supply and maintain a regular flow to the spa and treatment rooms.

“The key challenge was to overcome the effects of the presence of corrosive sulphuric acid found within the thermal water used to supply the hotel.”

A pumping system was also required to harvest rain water from the grounds surrounding the hotel, so Xylem installed two of its Lowara DOMO VX10 submersible pump, specifically designed for use within soil-laden waste water. To complete the project, Xylem fitted a fire-fighting system featuring its Lowara GEN booster set, to offer the hotel a comprehensive safety system.

All pumps in the newly installed system were manufactured using AISI 316 stainless steel to offer an increased level of resistance to the area’s thermal water – addressing the hotel’s key cause for concern.

During the project Xylem worked with Canella & Virgo, Padua, to carry out the installation. Mirko Canella, a representative of Canella & Virgo, commented:

“It was also important that the new system resulted in less maintenance and assistance call outs.”

The installer, Mirko Canella, continued:

“We needed to guarantee the regular flow of water so we had to use materials which ensured durability and safety.”

In a thermal spa water is the key element, so a reliable pumping system is priceless. As a result of Xylem paying close attention to the needs and requirements of the customer, Hotel Mamma Margherita now has an efficient and reliable pumping system which offers improved resistance to the natural elements and increased reliability, ensuring that its guests receive the best possible service at all times.