Podcast episode: Getting young people involved in water  issues

Podcast episode: Getting young people involved in water issues

How can we get more young people engaged in water issues? That’s one of the topics in a recent episode of Xylem’s Solving Water podcast.

The episode features Annabelle M. Rayson, winner of this year’s Stockholm Junior Water Prize, and Hayati Yarkadas, Senior Vice President and President, Europe, Water Infrastructure and Global Services at Xylem.
Rayson discusses her research on harmful algae blooms, and how it was a direct response to the struggles her father – a commercial fisherman – was facing.

“Young people have this curiosity and creativity, and passion and drive, and if we're able to apply that to water issues, not only within the water science realm and climate change, but also water justice and water equity, I believe we can make some significant changes," Rayson says.

"The way I see it, the future of water is in the hands of young people,” Yarkadas says. “Students like Annabelle are committed to addressing major water challenges, like water scarcity, affordability and resilience of our infrastructure, which is under huge stress from climate change. At Xylem, we're committed to engaging, inspiring and working with young people to solve these pressing issues.”
The Solving Water podcast covers trending topics, technology, and behind-the-scenes stories of Xylem’s work to address water needs around the world.

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