Xylem Helps to Save the Sphinx and Giza Pyramids


Egyptian Antiquities Authority (EAA)

Giza, Egypt

It’s not every day that a company has an opportunity to help save the last of the remaining Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. When the Egyptian Antiquities Authority (EAA) determined that the groundwater levels at the Pyramids Plateau were too shallow and threatened the longevity of the Ancient Sphinx and Pyramids in Giza, Egypt, action was needed to save the historical site.

To solve the groundwater problems, the EAA and United States Agency for International Development created the Pyramids Plateau Groundwater Lowering Project. The project plan outlined a solution for lowering and controlling the water table beneath the Pyramids Plateau and preventing erosion of the limestone that would preserve the pyramids for future generations to enjoy.

The EAA, working with dewatering consultant and project designer AECOM, determined that lowering and controlling water levels in the aquifer below the pyramids would be best accomplished by drilling eighteen water wells and installing high capacity stainless steel submersible turbine pumps. Critical to the detailed planning was ensuring that the pumps would start when the water level reached a specific point in the aquifer.

EAA awarded the project to the local contractor The Arab Contractors Dewatering Division (ACDD) located in Cairo, Egypt. The ACDD team drilled the wells and purchased and installed the required pumps and  accessory equipment. Bids for the pumps and equipment were sent to companies specializing in water technology. Hydrotech was awarded the project based on providing the shortest lead-time, best product selection and overall financial package. Hydrotech evaluated the project and selected Xylem’s Goulds Water Technology products as the best solution for the groundwater problem.

“Xylem’s Goulds Water Technology products were selected for this unique project because of their high quality, broad range, durability and energy efficiency. The environmental impact also played a role due to sustainable solutions,” said John Dimos, chairman at Hydrotech.

Goulds Water Technology products used included submersible turbine pumps, motors, and accessories.


Whether providing water for agriculture, commercial building services, industry, or helping to preserve the ancient pyramids, this historic project represents another case of Xylem employees and sales representatives from across the globe working together to solve water. 

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The name Xylem is derived from classical Greek and is the tissue that transports water in plants, highlighting the engineering efficiency of our water-centric business by linking it with the best water transportation of all — that which occurs in nature.