Pure Technologies PipeWalkerâ„¢ Condition Assessment Platform

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Product Features
  • Manned condition assessment tool for concrete water pipelines (PCCP, RCCP, BWP)
  • Accurately pinpoints areas of distress with electromagnetic and detailed visual assessment data
  • Offers quick and easy inspections using common and available access ports
  • Fully controlled during inspection to ensure data quality
  • Easily equipped with additional sensors to map and profile the pipeline


Utilities can make rehabilitation and management decisions on a pipe-by-pipe basis with data collected by Xylem’s PipeWalker™ platform.

The PipeWalker platform is a lightweight, modular condition assessment tool operated in dewatered pipelines by a team of highly trained technicians. It is ideal for inspecting large-diameter, concrete water pipelines that can be removed from service to achieve maximum data quality. The tool uses electromagnetic technology to effectively identify and precisely locate:

  • Broken wire wraps in prestressed concrete cylinder pipe
  • Broken bar wraps in bar-wrapped pipe   

Inspection data and analysis enable asset owners to effectively prioritize resources, reduce unplanned operating costs, and increase confidence in their long-term management decisions.


PipeWalker is a reliable and effective tool that leverages two decades of inspection experience to simplify pipe wall data collection.

The combination of high-resolution electromagnetic data and visual inspection provides utilities with the best understanding of pipe wall condition. Highly trained technicians operate the PipeWalker platform in a dewatered pipeline. They collect electromagnetic data with the tool and complete a detailed visual inspection. A PipeWalker inspection accurately documents the condition of each pipe’s internal lining, joints, and connections while pinpointing signs of incipient failure.

The PipeWalker platform can inspect a wide range of pipeline diameters. It can be quickly disassembled during inspection to pass inline valves. The tool is easy to deploy and can be inserted and extracted through existing appurtenances, reducing the civil work required prior to its deployment. The PipeWalker platform accommodates a quick turnaround in results, enabling repairs during the same pipeline shutdown.

Xylem has collected over 3,500 miles (5,600 km) of data from PipeWalker inspections around the world over the last two decades. This operational experience ensures quality project management and professional inspection delivery.



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