Partnering with our customers to solve water across India

Partnering with our customers to solve water across India

In many cities across India, more than 40 percent of treated water is lost before reaching the final consumer due to leaking pipes, broken meters or theft. This is in addition to other serious water challenges, such as water quality due to pollution.

Over the past year, the pandemic has spotlighted the pressing need for clean water and reliable sanitation – to help prevent the spread of disease and keep communities operating. Leading-edge technology solutions are key to optimizing water management, including preventing water waste.

Water professionals at water utilities, industrials and other users of water, and policymakers across India are working tirelessly to help solve the country’s greatest water challenges. Xylem India is honored to partner with them to support their incredible efforts – and help make India more water-secure.

Tackling wastewater challenges for more resilient, healthy communities

In the city of Jamnagar, Gujarat, sewage was being transferred through open drains, causing unhealthy conditions and water logging, which was contaminating drinking water. This untreated sewage from the city was being discharged into the Rangmati and Nagmati rivers, which meet the sea of the Gulf of Kutch, causing a threat to marine and other biological life, including the Bird Sanctuary at Khijadia, and other environmental challenges.

Essar Projects Ltd and Thermax Joint JV took on the task of solving these issues on behalf of the city, and in doing so constructed a 70 million liters per day (MLD) sewage treatment plant (STP), along with taking on operations of the plant for 15 years. Essar partnered with Xylem to implement ICEAS advanced sequencing batch reactor (SBR) technology for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, providing significant advantages in terms of reduced footprint, reliable and robust controls, and low capital, operation and maintenance costs. The ICEAS full-process solution integration provides many advantages, including aeration systems, blowers, pumps, mixers, and monitoring and control.

By deploying Xylem’s Sanitaire ICEAS, the city of Jamnagar is now able to treat sewage to prepare it for reuse in surrounding industries, and the discharge of treated effluent is no longer a concern for the surrounding marine ecosystems. This is improving community health, as well as the water quality of the Rangmati and Nagmati rivers, which in turn improves riverfront areas and saves freshwater resources.

Solving for water scarcity challenges

The Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS) is one of the world’s biggest multistage lift irrigation projects built over the Godavari River in Kaleshwaram, Bhupalpally, Telangana. The project was developed to harness the flood waters of the river and make Telangana more resilient to withstanding droughts.

Xylem, in partnership with Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited (MEIL), a contractor for KLIS, provided Flygt A-C custom-made metallic volute pumps, each one lifting 75,000 liters of water per second to a height of 35 meters. Utilizing 40 MW motors in the Sundilla pump house, the project is able to draw water from the foreshore of Sundilla Barrage and pump into Sripada Yellampalli Project.

With the addition of the Xylem Flygt pumps, the KLIS project can resolve water scarcity issues in the adjoining and drought-prone districts of Telangana, utilizing water for irrigation, drinking and industrial use.

Ensuring continuity of customer operations in a pandemic

During the pandemic, when countries around the world were facing strict lockdowns, manufacturers were grappling with the challenge of maintaining business continuity. One of the largest pulp and paper companies in India, situated in Telangana, was heavily impacted.

This particular pulp and paper company is known for using advanced, green and eco-friendly technology for paper manufacturing. It leverages Xylem’s WEDECO branded ozone system as its bleaching application. During the pandemic, Xylem supported the unit by providing personnel and services to the unit’s ozone plant, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of ozone for their process during uncertain times.

With Xylem’s robust ozone producing technology and the support of its operation team, the pulp and paper company was able to use the ozone system to deliver the best environmental performance, process, and cost efficiencies.

Xylem is proud to partner with customers across India that champion responsible water stewardship, and benefit communities and local economies. Together, we are helping create a more sustainable and equitable world.

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