Xylem Lowara contributes to the rebirth of the Molino Stucky

The Molino Stucky

Venice, Italy

Products: Various sizes of circulation pumps – submersible pumps – pressure systems

Application: Commercial Building

Giudecca is an island (or, better, a series of connected islands) located south of the historical centre of Venice. It runs along the canal with the same name – Giudecca. The Molino Stucky, which looks onto this canal, is one of the symbols of Venice and during restoration work it was converted from an imposing industrial building to one of the most luxurious hotels in the Hilton chain.

The complex, including a residential zone and an enormous congress centre which can hold up to 2,000 people, covers an area of 7,500 m².

Xylem Lowara participated in the project, commissioned by Save Engineering, a company belonging to the SAVE group which won the reconstruction tender, by supplying over one hundred pumps and pumping systems.

The heart of the heating system features a set of “In-line” centrifugal pumps complete with Hydrovar® frequency converter model FCSH4 150-250/150 – FCS4H 125-200/55; these distribute water to 8 heating subsystems specific to the various buildings in the complex. Each subsystem features a series of multi-speed circulators which independently satisfy the demand of each single building.

The heating system also includes a pumping assembly comprising 4 vertical multi-stage electric pumps, model GSY31/SV6604F220T+SV212F15T, which distributes water to the various users in the complex.

A number of submersible wastewater pumps for draining rainwater are located in strategic points of the various outdoor areas.

The job required a great deal of planning and Xylem Lowara won the job thanks to its experience and the extensive range of applications that it is able to provide, given the various applications in an area with such diversified needs.

Using advanced quality systems, Xylem Lowara, in close collaboration with the technical department of Save Engineering, offered leading-edge solutions and technologies, product quality and a professional service for the realisation of the complex, whilst constantly keeping an eye on price.

Thanks to the precious contribution of Lowara products, the new Molino Stucky hotel complex has come back to life, enfolded in a luxurious and elegant atmosphere.