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Supports the Study of a Body of Water by Employing Environmental Sensors and ADCPs

Product Features
  • Line Planning and Preparation Editors
  • Multi Language Support
  • Navigation & Vessel Positioning & AIS Support
  • Remote Viewer
  • SS Collections Real Time Mosaic
  • SSS Mosaic Processing & Targeting
  • Survey

Simplifying Data Collection of Water Characteristics.

Meeting the global need for improved environmental monitoring requires a targeted approach where data from many different sensors can be viewed and analyzed together. The HYPACK® Water Quality Mapping software supports the study of a body of water by employing environmental sensors as well as Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs). The Water Quality Mapping software works with several Autonomous Surface Vehicles to expand on the types of locations measurements can be obtained.

Due to the various methods and procedures involved in environmental surveys, the user may have data in one system that they need to compare with data from another system. By facilitating communication between these systems, the user’s water quality awareness is greatly improved as well. This integration allows all involved brands to support Xylem’s mission to test, analyze, and treat water in a way that encompasses what each individual device provides.


Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools