Identifying the 3 Wires on Rule Bilge Pumps

Here we'll cover the 3 wires that come with our Rule Automatic Bilge Pumps and Rule-Mate bilge pumps and where they attached.


Identifying The 3 Wires On Rule Bilge Pumps 2:08

Jeff: Thanks for watching I'm Jeff Lander.

Mike: And I'm Mike Irving.

Jeff: And today we're going to talk about the three wires on our computerized and Rule-Mate bilge pumps.

Mike: Now these pumps come with 28 inches of silicone blocked wire. That's pretty important for marine applications because if you ever nick it, that means that water is not going to travel down the wire. These pumps have three wires; each of them have an independent function. Jeff?

Jeff: Brown wire is our automatic lead. Brown and white manual override lead. And the black is our negative lead. Now we recommend using a three-way switch to hook these wires up. What that will do is it’ll give you optimal functionality to be able to check the bilge pump before heading out on your voyage.

Mike: That's pretty important. In some cases, if these automatic pumps are installed on row boats or dinghies, you don't have the option of using the manual override. We put a video together that shows you how to seal off the end of that wire with some heat shrink tubing and some silicone caulking. Now if you do go without a panel switch, it's really important to go ahead and fuse this brown wire so it's going to go from the brown wire into a fuse into the battery. And that fuse is going to be dictated by the number that’s on the pump.

Jeff: Let's not forget this one, Mike. This is the big one. When people are unsure what to do with that brown and white wire in some cases they’ll hook it up together with the brown. I'm telling you right now, don't do that because you'll be unhappy. Because what that will do is that will cause the pump to stay on continuously. If you don't want to use the brown and white wire, watch our other video, seal it off and throw it off to the side.

Mike: That wraps up this episode of I’m Mike Irving.

Jeff: And I'm Jeff Lander.

Mike: We have more videos coming at you real soon.