Bilge Pumping for Large & Small Boats

A long tradition of bilge pump innovation

Whether from a propeller shaft packing gland, a leaky portlight, loose seams in a wooden boat, melting ice from a cooler, or many other sources, every vessel ends up with unwanted water in the bilge that will quickly turn rancid. Leaving large amounts of water in the bilge can have several undesirable effects on your boat, including destabilizing it, lifting spilled fuel and distributing it throughout the bilge (where it can attack, among other things, the insulation on electrical wiring) and promoting the development of osmotic blisters in fiberglass hulls.

Rule submersible bilge pumps and accessories have a long history of innovation and quality and are trusted to keep boats dry and safe in even the most extreme conditions. More innovations have come from Rule than any other manufacturer, which is why it is the most popular brand of bilge pump in the world. Today, this legendary brand offers the broadest range of bilge pumps available to recreational boat owners.

Electric bilge pumps are rated by their capacity, which is measured in gallons per hour, under open flow conditions with no restrictions to the discharge. Because it takes much less water to sink a small craft that it does a larger one, a small racing keelboat that sees lots of rough water action will need a more powerful pump system than a large powerboat that is mainly operated on a calm lake. To make sure you have the ideal solution for your boat, Xylem offers different types of bilge water pumps.