Contaminant Removal

Water and wastewater contaminants – the list keeps growing 

As the list of contaminants grows and limits become more restrictive, the treatment of water and wastewater becomes more complex. Metals, volatile organic compounds, nutrients, toxicity, pesticides, viruses, bacteria, taste and odor constituents – the list goes on and on. The list of not-yet-regulated contaminants of emerging concern (CEC), such as pharmaceuticals and personal care products, is also growing, complicating projections of future needs.

Today more than ever, every drop counts. Population expansion and industrialization continue to increase the demand for safe, potable water for human needs, agriculture, business and industry, straining fresh water supplies and increasing wastewater production. Many governments, utilities and industries are looking to seawater or wastewater reuse to help meet demand, adding even more contaminants to the treatment removal list.

Whether for potable use, industrial use, domestic or industrial wastewater treatment, or reuse, understanding the contaminants is critical to determining the best treatment. The need for cost effective and energy efficient water and wastewater treatment has never been greater or more complex.

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Ozone Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems

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