Sensus FM-2D/K Frequency Converter

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Product Features
  • Two freely programmable pulse outputs with flow direction processing
  • Output for current type with direction identification (-20 mA…+20 mA)
  • Separate relay outputs for forward and reverse volumes
    2 Opto-coupler outputs used for pulses and direction signals, or limit value 1 and limit value 2
  • Adjustable pulse divisor for pulse output
  • Galvanic isolation from supply, entry and output
  • Test mode as installation help
  • Housing equipped for wall or top hat railing

The FM-2D/K is a µP-controlled frequency converter with two pulse inputs. You can use it to convert to a flow rate proportional current output by linking the signals of two input pulses with flow direction signals.

Applications include:

  • Pulse frequency to current converter
  • Current output +- 0/4…20 mA
  • LCD for flow rate & volume
  • Two pulse input signals including direction
  • Pulse output
  • Forward and reverse totalization
  • Monitoring of limit values
  • Serial output
  • Dosing
  • Automation
  • Single or compound meters

Benefits to you

  • Connects different pulse types
  • Scales and separates current output for forward and reverse flow
  • Relays volume, momentary flow rate and programming data via integrated LCD display
  • Provides instant values via M-Bus/Minibus-Data connection
  • Retains programmed data after power failure
  • Is programmable on-site by 5 buttons


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Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools