EXO Series YSI EXO Modbus Signal Output Adapter

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For Integrating an EXO Sonde into a SCADA System

This adapter converts an EXO sonde signal into a Modbus protocol over RS-232 or RS-485.

For DCP applications with a data logger, please see our EXO DCP Adapter.

Note: This product is intended for use in a SCADA system. Requires an EXO Sonde and flying lead cable to function.

Product Features
  • Integrate your EXO sonde into numerous monitoring applications without the hassle of purchasing all new hardware.
  • Perform firmware updates to your sonde and sensors to optimize performance over time.​
  • View your sonde’s logging status at a glance, with integrated LED indicators built into your monitoring station.
  • Setup and configure instrumentation without it leaving the water, using USB or passthrough connections.​

Introducing the EXO Modbus Signal Output Adapter from YSI, designed with and engineered for compatibility with the EXO sonde platform. As technology continues to develop at record pace, it's more critical than ever to have a flexible sonde that can keep up.

A fundamental part of the EXO Sonde platform is the ability to adapt its communication output to match different monitoring applications. Simply configure a sonde with this adapter and the instrument is then compatible with industrial SCADA systems, or PCs and tablets with USB connectivity. Converts the proprietary signal from an EXO Sonde into a Modbus protocol over RS-232 or RS-485.

USB Passthrough mode:

Communicate directly with an underwater sonde, via USB through an EXO adapter, without having to disturb the Sonde.


USB Passthrough




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