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Product Features
  • Rugged and easy to use
  • Records over 81,000 pressure readings
  • Standard garden hose pressure connection
  • Fast 10X/second recording mode to catch spikes & dips
  • Includes user friendly Windows® software

The PL200-G Water Pressure Data Loggers are the latest addition to Global Water's line of rugged remote water pressure recording instrumentation.  The Water Pressure Loggers make it easy to verify low water pressure complaints, locate water pressure spikes, and even provide water distribution system modeling data.  The Water Pressure Loggers' large memory buffer will store over 81,000 water pressure readings with user defined intervals from 1 per second to more than 1 per year.  Plus, you can easily capture momentary pressure spikes and dips with the Water Pressure Logger's fast, 10 water pressure samples per second sampling mode.  (Note: Fast recording will reduce battery life.)  The Water Pressure Loggers' programmable start and stop alarm times makes it possible to synchronize multiple water pressure data loggers to start at the same time, delay starting until a preset time, or limit the number of recordings during a day.  With the Water Pressure Data Loggers standard ¾ inch garden hose connection and compact, water resistant enclosure, the PL200-G Water Pressure Data Loggers can record water pressure data just about anywhere you need it.  The Water Pressure Data Loggers operate on two standard 9 volt batteries, which they monitor so you are never caught off guard with dead batteries.  A third onboard lithium battery ensures your water pressure data will be safe in the event you are unable to change the 9V batteries before they fail. 

The PL200-G Water Pressure Data Loggers were designed for applications which require time-stamped water pressure data and an instrument that needs to be portable and rugged.  Water Pressure applications such as checking the water pressure on newly constructed buildings, buildings recently attached to a pre-existing water main, buildings near construction projects working on water systems, checkign the pressure of a new irrigation system, maintaining an existing irrigation system, and many others.