Xylem discusses smart water tech at Global Water Summit

Xylem discusses smart water tech at Global Water Summit

Executives from Xylem recently participated in the Global Water Summit 2017 in Madrid, which explored how data is disrupting the traditional dynamics of the water industry. Xylem President and CEO Patrick Decker participated in forums focused on emerging trends in the water sector, particularly the adoption of smart technologies.

“Advancing intelligent, sustainable water infrastructure is central to Xylem’s vision to accelerate the smarter management of water, but this cannot be achieved in isolation – collaboration is key,” says Decker. “As an industry, we have an opportunity to play a leading role in driving the migration to smart infrastructure by pushing the boundaries with integrated, intelligent solutions that add value for our customers.”

In the “CEO Forum”, Decker discussed key issues facing the global water sector. These include the impact of globalization and the digital revolution, and the role of smart technologies in advancing the water sector’s migration to smart infrastructure. Intelligent technologies in the water space can reduce energy consumption and costs, contribute to lower emissions, and improve operational efficiencies, all of which can help customers better afford investments in clean water and improved sanitation.

Mike Otten, Director of Xylem’s Systems Intelligence Center of Excellence, participated in the “Digital Strategy” panel discussion at the summit. This session addressed key topics including the internet of things (IoT), scalability and security of digital platforms, and the role of water digitization in smart cities. He also discussed strategies to improve the pace of smart technology adoption in the water sector.

Investing in smart water technologies

Xylem believes that making water networks more intelligent is central to solving its customers’ most complex water challenges. Investing more than ever in R&D, Xylem’s intelligent technologies set industry benchmarks for efficiency.

In 2016, the company introduced the world’s first intelligent wastewater pumping system, the Flygt Concertor. In addition, Xylem’s strategic acquisitions of Sensus, a leader in smart metrology, network communications and advanced data analytics, and Visenti, which offers a suite of services to intelligently manage water networks, have significantly expanded Xylem’s smart infrastructure offerings and expertise.

by Chad Henderson