• Xylem author teaches children about water

    The Great Book of Water explains how water touches every part of our lives.

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  • Redefining innovation for sustainability impact

    Learn how Xylem’s innovation work focuses on tackling major sustainability challenges.

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  • Introducing Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua

    Transforming data into powerful insights to optimize decision making and simplify digital integration.​

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  • The endless opportunities of data science

    Data science experts discuss turning data into actionable insights for water utilities.

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  • COP27: 5 take-aways for the water sector

    Water stakeholders discuss the role of the water sector in addressing climate change.

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  • 10 podcast episodes on water from 2022

    Hear about the outer-space origins of water, innovations in sourcing freshwater, and more.

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  • Utility cuts aeration energy use by 32%

    Xylem’s cleaning service unclogged aeration diffusers to deliver fast results.

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Smart water technology and management

Smart water technologies help water managers work more efficiently, while reducing costs and energy consumption. Learn how.

Video: Solving non-revenue water

Non-revenue water is any water that a utility produces but does not get paid for.

3 new initiatives for sustainable water infrastructure

Meeting the climate change goals agreed on in the Paris climate accord will require a huge investment in infrastructure. This is because globally more than 50...

Best Practices for BNR Mixing

Mixing practices for biological nutrient removal have advanced to new levels. A strong interest in energy savings has led to new technology and insights...

Best practices for a circular economy

A new report looks at how companies in key industries are reducing waste while driving economic growth. The report, published by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce...

Texas-size savings

Texas-size savings

A small town’s utility drastically improves efficiency with innovative technology. Lumberton seems like any other small American town, with a water tower...