A large construction project in Mainz, Germany, recently used Xylem rental pumps for a drainage solution. The pumps were quickly delivered and provided reliable service.

A new apartment complex in Lerchenberg, a district of Mainz, provides 111 apartments in six buildings. The apartments focus on accessibility, with no doorway barriers and twelve apartments especially designed for wheelchairs.

During the construction of the complex, led by contractor Ed. Züblin AG, a new connection to the public sewer system was needed to dispose of rainwater. This temporary solution was needed for the construction project as well as the existing buildings in the area, including a police station.

Xylem quickly delivers drainage solution

After examining the system, Züblin defined a pumping capacity of 500 liters per second for the duration of the construction project. Based on previous experiences and a long-term relationship, Züblin selected the Xylem rental pump service in Grossostheim to provide the solution.

Xylem once again proved its efficiency in reacting quickly to the needs of large construction projects. From the initial request to the installation of the temporary drainage solution, Xylem’s rapid response ensured a complete solution in as little time as possible, including pumps, controls and pipes.

Two BIBO pumps selected

Xylem rental pumps provide fast solution for dewatering1.png

On the basis of the defined maximum pump performance, two Flygt BIBO 2250 pumps were installed, with a calculated output of 250 liters per second.

A third pump was kept on site for emergencies, and nearly 400 meters of galvanized steel pipes were used for the solution.